Segment Routing Global Block (SRGB)

See what the Segment Routing Global Block is. Learn about the best practices to use the same SRGB on all segment routing nodes. Further, learn how to modify the Segment Routing Global Block.

Segment Routing IGP Control plane

Learn how to use IS-IS or OSPF to distribute segments, how to configure segment routing and how segment routing works in a multi-area or multi-level network. Further, learn how to verify segment routing advertisements.

Segment Routing and LDP co-existence

See how segment routing can co-exist with LDP and other MPLS protocols, both on the control plane and on the data plane. Further learn how to affect a simple migration from LDP to segment routing.

Segment Routing Mapping server

Learn about the objective of the Mapping Server and see how one may configure it. Further, verify the mapping server functionality.

Segment Routing and LDP interworking

Learn about the simple, automatic and seamless interworking between segment routing and LDP. See what the role of the Mapping Server is in the interworking functionality and learn about the interworking functionality on the data plane. Further verify the interworking forwarding entries.

Topology Independent LFA (TI-LFA)

An introduction to the Topology Independent LFA technology. See how Topology Independent LFA provides a simple, automatic, optimal and topology independent sub-50ms per-prefix protection to the network. Further, see how TI-LFA protects Segment Routing, LDP and eventually IP traffic. In the end, learn how to verify TI-LFA using some examples.

Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SRTE)

An introduction to the Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SRTE) technology. See how SRTE provides a simple, automated, and scalable architecture to engineer traffic flows in a network. Further, see how XR Traffic Controller (XTC) (the IOS XR based Path Computation Element (PCE)) fits into this architecture.

SRv6 Introduction

An introduction to the SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6 dataplane) technology. Learn about the power of SRv6 network programming concept. Find out how SRv6 provides the ability to code directly into each packet header where the traffic should be sent and how the traffic should be treated. See how SRv6 makes your applications and your network inte...