Conferences and Events

The state of SRv6 - Webinar

In this webinar, representatives from LightReading, Cisco and Bell Canada explore the state of SRv6 (SR with IPv6 data plane) and explain how it enhances all SR MPLS capabilities – simplification, resiliency, traffic engineering.

SRv6 Updates February 2020

Clarence Filsfils presents the newest SRv6 developments in the series “SRv6 Technology and Deployment use-cases”

Cisco Live Barcelona 2019

Clarence Filsfils presents Segment Routing Technology deep-dive and advanced use cases: SR-TE and SRv6. Demos from Anton Karneliuk (Vodafone) and Jose Liste (Cisco).

Forefront of SRv6 at JANOG43

Clarence Filsfils, Miya Kohno, Satoru Matsushima, Kentaro Ebisawa, Chunghan Lee and Teppei Kamata presenting the latest SRv6 updates.

SR IGP Flex Algo

In this presentation Clarence Filsfils explains in detail the SR IGP Flexible Algorithm and how it complements SR TE.

SR MPLS Perf Monitoring

In this presentation Clarence Filsfils explains in detail the SR MPLS Performance Monitoring solution and its benefits.

ACG HotSeat: Sumeet Arora

Sumeet Arora, SVP, Cisco, and Ray Mota, CEO of ACG Research, talk about segment routing and how it leverages the distributed intelligence of the network and centralized optimization to enable applications.

MENOG 2018

Rasoul Mesghali presented SR at the Middle East Network Operator Group.

NANOG 2017

Gaurav Dawra gives an overview of SRv6 and the concept of network as a computer. He also reviews the deployment use-cases with Comcast.

SD-WAN Summit 2017

Watch Clarence Filsfils at the SD-WAN Summit 2017 explaining the benefits of SRv6 for the SD-WAN!

Demo: SRv6 VPN and TE on NCS 5500

Watch this demo that showcases the first hardware implementation of SRv6 VPN and TE. The hardware-based forwarding is demonstrated on Cisco NCS 5500 Series.

Cisco Pioneer Awards 2016

Segment Routing is the winner of the Cisco Pioneer Award 2016 in the category “Core Technology”. The Pioneer is Cisco’s highest engineering award recognizing the pioneering spirit of innovation.

Application-Engineered Routing

Clarence Filsfils and Bertrand Duvivier from Cisco give their perspective and show how your business can become more competitive and successful than ever with Segment Routing.

SR is the de-facto SDN Network Architecture

Watch Colin Kincaid, Cisco’s SP CTO, views on how virtualization is transforming Service Providers and the role played by IPv6 and Segment Routing as the de-facto next-gen architecture.

Demo: SRv6 Spray use-case

Watch Jose Liste’s demonstration of the SRv6 “spray” multicast use case. Learn how to leverage SRv6 to transport multicast traffic on an IPv6 unicast-only network.

Demo: Microloop Avoidance

Watch Kris Michielsen’s demonstration of Microloop Avoidance. Experience first hand how SR eliminates microloops, a day-1 problem of IP networks.