Techfield Day: SR strategy and deployment experiences

Segment Routing Field Day Roundtable

Check out the Techfield Day Rountable content from June 21, 2016, that dives into Segment Routing Strategy along with Deployment Experiences with some key Customers: Walmart, Microsoft and Comcast.

Check out the complete playlist here: Segment Routing Techfield Day Playlist

Greenfield Deployment of Segment Routing with Mark Pagan

Mark Pagan, Global WAN Engineering with Walmart, discusses how Walmart evaluated and deployed segment routing in their environment and how they envision the technology helping meet their complex networking needs in the future.

Traffic Engineering in a Large Network with Segment Routing

Paul Mattes, Software Engineer with Microsoft, describes how segment routing can be used in a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure to provide traffic engineering above and beyond existing MPLS strategies. Recorded at Segment Routing Field Day on June 21, 2016

Comcast and The Smarter Network with John Leddy

John Leddy, Network Engineering with Comcast, discusses how Comcast is leveraging segment routing to help transition their service provider network to something smarter with increased IPv6 capabilities, IPv4 transition mechanisms, and enhanced service delivery.

Cisco Software Strategy with Sumeet Arora

Sumeet Arora, Senior Vice President Engineering, discusses how Cisco is leveraging software to help extend their networking offerings to embrace new technologies.

Cisco Segment Routing Overview with Clarence Filsfils

Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow, gives an overview of segment routing and how it can be used to extend and enhance traditional WAN protocols such as MPLS.

Cisco On-Demand Next-Hop Demo with Jose Liste

Jose Liste, Technical Marketing Engineer, demonstrates how Cisco segment routing can be used to dynamically readdress packets toward their next-hop address with the use of Path Computation Elements (PCEs).

Cisco Segment Routing Multicast Use Case Demo with Jose Liste

Jose Liste, Technical Marketing Engineer, demonstrates the use of Cisco segment routing to solve multicast challenges in the core of a service delivery network.

Cisco Segment Routing Field Day Delegate Roundtable

Join Tom Hollingsworth and the Segment Routing Field Day delegates as they discussed the applications of segment routing, how it can help improve visibility in the underlay network, and where it should be used in the enterprise.