Cisco Live Barcelona 2020 "Migrating your network to SR using NSO"

Michael Maddern (Engineer Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems) presents “Migrating your network to Segment Routing using NSO” at Cisco Live Barcelona 2020.

SR provides many benefits over LDP, so introducing SR to your network is highly desirable. However the core network is one of the most critical resources and the migration must happen seamlessly, any failures could lead to serious disruption. Automation is crucial to simplify the migration progress and remove the risk of mistakes. NSO allows the complex device configuration to be abstracted into simple service models, ensuring the optimal configuration is generated following the best practices built into the service. This session will demonstrate how NSO can be used to safely automate the process of migrating an IGP domain from LDP to SR. Each step is validated, and rolled back if not successful.

Slides and Video

The slides and video recording of the session can be accessed via the Ciscolive! on-demand library website. Search on “BRKOPS-2418” and filter on event “2020 Barcelona”, or directly access the session here. Click Session Video under Watch Session. To access the content of this site a (free) registration is required.