Cisco Live Barcelona 2020 "Introduction to Segment Routing"

Alberto Donzelli (Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco) presents “Introduction to Segment Routing” at Cisco Live Barcelona 2020

This session provides an overview of the segment routing technology and its use cases. This new routing paradigm provides high operational simplicity and maximum network scalability and flexibility. You will get an understanding of the basic concepts behind the technology and its wide applicability ranging from simple transport for MPLS services, disjoint routing, traffic engineering and its benefits in the context of software defined networking. Previous knowledge of IP routing and MPLS is required.

Slides and Video

The slides and video recording of the session can be accessed via the Ciscolive! on-demand library website. Search on “BRKRST-2124” and filter on event “2020 Barcelona”, or directly access the session here. Click Session Video under Watch Session. To access the content of this site a (free) registration is required.