Cisco Live Barcelona 2020 "Segment Routing: Technology deep-dive and advanced use cases"

Clarence Filsfils (Cisco Fellow) presents “Segment Routing Technology deep-dive and advanced use cases”: SR-TE and SRv6 at Cisco Live Barcelona 2020.

Jose Liste (Cisco) demonstrates SR Flex-Algo multi-domain path computation and per-flow automated steering.

This session will provide an overview of advanced use cases of the SR technology, applying the SR building blocks on real use-cases. The session will leverage proof-of-concept labs and references to ongoing design and deployment activity with leading network operators.

Slides and Video

The video recording of the session can be accessed via the CiscoLive! on-demand library website. Search on “BRKRST-3122” and filter on event “2020 Barcelona”, or directly access the session here. Click Session Video under Watch Session. To access the content of this site a (free) registration is required.