Cisco Live Barcelona 2020 "SP Programmable SDN, powered by SR and EVPN"

Phil Bedard (Engineer Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems) presents “Service Provider Programmable SDN solution for the Metro Fabric, powered by Segment Routing and EVPN” at Cisco Live Barcelona 2020.

Software Defined Networking has caused dramatic changes in the mindset of Service Provider architects. The opportunity of having a holistic view of the whole network, and making decisions based on that information increases agility of the network and makes operation simpler and cheaper. This presentation will go through transport as well as service part of the network with focus on simplification and programmability. Transport is key in Service Provider network and technology like Segment Routing (SR) brings completely new programmability options which, together with SR-PCE controller, is an important part of SP Metro Fabric architecture. Service part of this session will cover service and transport integration and show benefits of using EVPN with BGP Control Plane. Last part of presentation will touch on future transport/service SRv6 technology.

Slides and Video

The slides and video recording of the session can be accessed via the Ciscolive! on-demand library website. Search on “BRKSPG-2518” and filter on event “2020 Barcelona”, or directly access the session here. Click Session Video under Watch Session. To access the content of this site a (free) registration is required.