Cisco Knowledge Network "SRv6 Standardization Deployed at Scale"

Clarence Filsfils (Cisco Fellow) presents “SRv6 Standardization Deployed at Scale” in this session of the Cisco Knowledge Network SP Webinar Series.
With Segment Routing Version 6 (SRv6) now fully standardized by the IETF, it’s time to ramp up your SRv6 knowledge and find out why some early adopters have already rolled out SRv6 in their networks. The latest estimate shows nearly 100M subscribers are already served by an SRv6 network infrastructure. In this session you will learn:

  • How communication service providers use SRv6 to simplify their transport architecture and deliver the seemingly endless new services fueled by 5G and IoT How to get updated on the latest SRv6 standardization news and hear why it’s a critical milestone for mainstream adoption
  • Learn about SRv6 network programming and how the game-changing technology, micro-programming, can be used to bring massive scale to existing networks