Swisscom: "Introducing SRv6 to an existing network"

Martin Gysi (IP network and network automation architect, Swisscom) presented “Introducing SRv6 to an existing network” at Cisco Live 2023 Amsterdam.

In this session, Martin shares Swisscom’s experience of introducing SRv6 into their existing network, emphasizing the simplicity and scalability of the SRv6 design. He also discusses the migration process, outlining the steps taken to introduce SRv6 in different service domains.


The slides and video recording of the full session (“Introduction to SRv6 uSID Technology – BRKSPG-2203”) can be accessed via the Ciscolive! on-demand library website. Search on “Martin Gysi”, or directly access the session here. Click Session Video under Watch Session. To access the content of this site a (free) registration is required.