Lead operators present at the SRv6 workshop in Tokyo, Japan

On March 30-31, an SRv6 workshop was held in Tokyo, Japan and it was a great success. The workshop had a large attendance, with many lead operators presenting their SRv6 use cases. The workshop aimed to showcase the benefits and use cases of Segment Routing with IPv6 (SRv6 uSID), the technology that enables efficient and scalable routing in IPv6 networks.

During the workshop, attendees learned about the advantages of SRv6, including simplified network design, reduced complexity, and improved network performance. Several lead operators shared their experiences and use cases for SRv6, highlighting its effectiveness in various scenarios such as SP networks, data center interconnects, cloud networking, and mobile backhaul networks.

Overall, the workshop provided a great opportunity for networking professionals to learn more about SRv6 and how it can be leveraged to improve network performance and efficiency. With the success of the workshop, it is likely that SRv6 will continue to gain momentum in the networking industry as more operators adopt this technology.

A selection of workshop highlights

Alibaba – IPv6 Predictable Network

Presenter Dennis Cai / Eddie Ruan of Alibaba



Bell Canada – SRv6 uSID deployment

Presenter Dan Voyer



More lead operators presentations coming soon