SRv6 uSID Roadshow in Rome, Italy

SRv6 continue to gain momentum in the networking industry as more operators are adopting the technology. After Japan, the Middle-East and NYC, we gathered in Rome with operators to foster SRv6 uSID and Integrated Performance Measurement deployments in Europe.

With more than 70 attendees representing 30 different EMEA customers, 6 testimonial and a total of 100+ participants we gathered in a magnificent auditorium in the center of Rome for two days of technology updates, TOIs and sharing of customers experiences. Sharing has continued also over the dinner with traditional Roman dishes.

After the two days and listening to the testimonials talks, the benefit of SRv6 uSID as unified solution to deliver any kind of service (VPN, TE, FRR, NFV) end-to-end across the various network segments (Core, Metro, DC, NFV, Cloud, Host) was evident. The benefits are always translated into lower cost and higher efficiency and reliability.

SRv6 uSID Roadshow - Rome, Oct 2023

Opening session by Clarence Filsfils

In addition to SRv6 uSID benefits in terms of service creation, the native integration of the measurement capabilities makes it a unique solution. The SRv6 team together Accedian team (now part of Cisco) the Integrated Performance Measurement (IPM) solution; a game changing solution in the area of network measurements and service and assurance. The solution provides the best scalable, deterministic, and usable platform for visibility and assurance. Stay tuned from more updates on the solution.

SRv6 and Accedian teams joint talk on Intergrated Performance Measurements (IPM) solution

SRv6 and Accedian teams joint talk on Intergrated Performance Measurements (IPM) solution

The SRv6 team presented the benefits of bringing SRv6 uSID and Integrated Performance Measurements (IPM) simplification to the DC.

SRv6 team presenting the benefits of bringing SRv6 uSID simplification to the DC

With the success of the workshop, it is very likely to have more similar event in other regions around the world and again for Europe region.

Stay tuned for the upcoming SRv6 events!!!