SRv6 uSID and IPM Roadshow in Bangkok, Thailand

After Dubai, Tokyo, NYC, and Rome, the SRv6 uSID roadshow got back to Asia to celebrate the many deployments in the region and provide an update on SRv6 uSID and IPM solutions.

SRv6 uSID provides a unified solution across various network segments, outperforming legacy silo solutions. It allows to build stateless end-to-end programs encompassing overlay, underlay and service chaining requirements.

The IPM solution provides the scale required to monitor the network experience of all clients (3 to 4 orders of magnitude higher scale than legacy solutions). It drastically reduces CAPEX and OPEX. It provides richer metrics (latency histograms). It correlates measurement with routing analytics. It provides a formidable opportunity for AI.

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to the deployment experience from Alibaba, Bell Canada, Rakuten, and Softbank.

The Cisco SR team thanks our lead operators for sharing their deployment experience, our attendees, and the local team for their support.

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Bangkok SRv6 uSID and IPM Roadshow

Event opening By Anup Changaroth, Cisco Systems Engineering Director.

Clarence Filsfils (Cisco) providing explaining the benefits of the SRv6 uSID and IPM solutions.

Clarence Filsfils (Cisco) explaining the simplicity of SRv6 uSID.

Ahmed Abdelsalam (Cisco) explaining the IPM and Routing Analytics solution.

Amish Servansing (Cisco) explaining the Accedian Skylight solution.

Roy Jiang (Alibaba) explaining Alibaba’s SRv6 uSID deployment.

Akash Agrawal (Rakuten) explaining Rakuten’s SRv6 uSID deployment and the journey to simplification.

Jakub Horn (Cisco) providing an SRv6 uSID tutorial.

Satoru Matsushima (Softbank) providing an update on the Mobile User Plane with Segment Routing use-case.

Ianik Semco (Cisco) providing an update on SRv6 uSID deployments and product roadmap.