At the APRICOT 2024 Conference in Bangkok (apricot.net), February 2024, Clarence Filsfils of Cisco Systems presented SRv6 uSID. SRv6 uSID is an integrated solution that includes the service creation, the measurement, and the analytics. It can deliver any kind of service (VPN, TE, FRR, NFV) end-to-end across the various network segments (Access, Metro, Core, DC, NFV, Cloud, Host) without any shim layer. Hence, the operator would no longer need neither MPLS nor VxLAN. By removing the shim layers, SRv6 provides better scale, better reliability, lower cost, and seamless deployment in brownfield networks.

The SRv6 solution is fully standardized at IETF. It has more than 9 RFCs that covers the Architecture, Data Plane, Control Plane, and Operation & Management (OAM) of the solution. It enjoys a very rich ecosystem that includes network vendors, merchant silicon, open-source, and operators. All the key network vendors participated in the SRv6 uSID interop testing at EANTC 2023.