Highlights of the SRv6 Conference in Paris, April 2022

The MPLS WC 2022 Conference, April 2022 in Paris, paid particular attention to SRv6: Technical Progress, Interop, and next steps. Moreover, an impressive set of service providers describe current deployments and introduce some exciting innovations.

This page highlights a selection of SRv6 topics presented at this conference, and several demos and innovations that have been announced at that time.

Highlighted presentations:

Rakuten: SRv6 uSID in deployment to deliver end-to-end 5G Network Slicing

Amit Dhamija of Rakuten
Introducing the SRv6 uSID deployment use-case for Mobile Backhaul (MBH) and network slicing services.

Bell Canada: SRv6 uSID Deployment

Benefits of an SRv6 uSID Fabric

Daniel Voyer of Bell Canada
Motivation to migrate from SR-MPLS to SRv6 uSID. Reviewing the benefits of an SRv6 uSID fabric.

Service programming Reduces Cost

Daniel Bernier of Bell Canada and Jesper Eriksson of NoviFlow inc.
Showing how SRv6 and a P4 programmable switch fabric can reduce carrier network services costs by up to 90%, footprint by 75%, and power consumption by as much as 66% and thus facilitate a cost effective migration of latency sensitive applications to the network edge. Including actual network deployment experiences.

Alibaba: Full stack SRv6 Deployment

Yuanchao Su of Alibaba
Unified SRv6 dataplane from socket to peering link leveraging SRv6’s scalability, simplicity & programmability in all layers to provide predictable network services to every single application.

Softbank: SRv6 Mobile User Plane (MUP)

Satoru Matsushima of SoftBank
Introducing the Segment Routing IPv6 Mobile User Plane (SRv6 MUP) architecture.

Cisco: SRv6 Technology Status and Deployment Update

Clarence Filsfils of Cisco Systems
Reviewing the IETF status, the latest deployments and introducing some exciting innovations.


SRv6 ultra-scale - Imposition of 26 SRv6 uSIDs at Linerate

An NCS 5700 acting as an SRv6 PE pushes 26 uSIDs at linerate.

SRv6 Stateless slicing at Ultra-Scale

Apply stateless and scalable network partitioning to realize 5G slicing in the network.

BGP PIC Edge with SRv6 Summarization

ISIS Unreachable Prefix Announcement (UPA) enables using BGP Prefix Independent Convergence (BGP PIC) functionality while using prefix summarization. Combining fast restoration with ultra-scaling.

Path Tracing

Path Tracing allows operator to deterministically detect ECMP paths. It is implemented in HW at linerate in the normal forwarding pipeline and provides an Ultra-MTU-Efficiency.