Highlights of the SRv6 Conference in Paris, April 2023

The MPLS WC 2023 Conference (uppersideconferences.com), April 2023 in Paris, paid particular attention to SRv6 uSID: Technical Progress, Interop, and next steps. Moreover, an impressive set of service providers describe current deployments and introduce some exciting innovations.

This page highlights a selection of SRv6 topics presented at this conference, and several demos and innovations that have been announced at that time.

Highlighted presentations:

Cisco: SRv6 Technology Status and Deployment Update

Clarence Filsfils of Cisco Systems

Reviewing the IETF status, the latest deployments and introducing some exciting innovations.

Colt: Building an Hyper-scale PCE

Bart Janssens of Colt

New requirements, HS-PCE technology, use case experience.

Softbank: Mobile User Plane (MUP) Use-case

Satoru Matsushima of Softbank

Discussing the actual PoC and understanding how to resolve the problem at scale.

Rakuten: Using SRv6 Traffic Accounting

Amit Dhamija of Rakuten

Covering the development of the industry prototype on Demand Matrix (DM) using the SRv6 traffic accounting feature.

Verizon: SRv6 DC Use Case Study

Gyan Mishra of Verizon

Presenting a DC uSID design use case, a new state of the art innovation.

Cisco: Wavelength Services delivered over IP/MPLS … Why not?

Christian Schmutzer of Cisco Systems

Discussing service SLA attributes and how technology building blocks such as EVPN-VPWS, PLE, OAM, circuit-style SR-TE, PCE, QoS and protection paradigms can work together to deliver mission critical services in a fundamental new and beneficial way for both the end-customer and the provider.

SRv6 uSID Interoperability Test Report

EANTC published the results of the annual multi-vendor MPLS SDN interoperability test event. The results were showcased at the MPLS SD & AI World Congress 2023. Detailed descriptions of each test and its results are published in the test report that can be found here (eantc.de).