Highlights of the SRv6 Conference in Paris, April 2024

The MPLS WC 2024 Conference (uppersideconferences.com), April 2024 in Paris, gave a special highlight on network performance with a special focus on Integrated Performance Measurement (IPM). IPv6 only networks will also be given a large echo, through a debate and a rich set of service providers experience reports.

This page highlights a selection of SRv6 and IPM topics presented at this conference, and several demos and innovations that have been announced at that time.

Highlighted presentations:

Cisco: SRv6 uSID and Integrated Performance Measurement

Clarence Filsfils Cisco Fellow

The SRv6 uSID solution introduces an innovative measurement and analytic solution called Integrated Performance Measurement (IPM). Updating the audience on the latest evolutions of the SRv6 uSID solution and then focusing on the Integrated Performance Measurement.

Goldman Sachs: SRv6 uSID Integrated Performance Measurements: A Deployment Experience

Michael Valentine, Technology Fellow, Network Architecture, Goldman Sachs

Delving into the practical application and deployment of Integrated Performance Measurements. The data gathered paves the way for insightful analytics, enabling the use of AI for root cause identification and prediction.

Colt: Routing Correlated Analytics

Bart Janssens, Senior Specialist Packet Architecture, Colt Technology Services

Providing an update on the Routing Correlated Analytics, which integrates the performance measurement data and routing information, to provide a single pane of glass to monitor and troubleshoot the services. The Routing Correlated Analytics is enabled via different level of routing analytics covering both Topology and Path Analytics allowing to detect the issue and perform all different kinds of post-mortem analysis.

Verizon: Design Experience of an SRv6 uSID Data Center

Gyan Mishra, Associate Fellow, Verizon

Presenting the intricate design experience of an SRv6 uSID Data Center. Exploring the challenges and innovative solutions encountered but also highlighting the transformative potential of this technology.

Alibaba: SONiC Readiness for SRv6 uSID deployment

Eddie Ruan, Senior Staff Engineer, Alibaba

Describing Alibaba’s journey of building and deploying a whitebox router using SONiC in their new constructed backbone network, equipped with SRv6 uSID.

SRv6 uSID Interoperability Test Report

EANTC published the results of the annual multi-vendor MPLS SDN interoperability test event. The results were showcased at the MPLS SD & AI World Congress 2024. Detailed descriptions of each test and its results are published in the test report that can be found here (eantc.de).