It's demo time!

SRv6 microSID (uSID) L3VPN Interoperability

Jakub Horn demonstrates SRv6 uSID L3VPN interoperability.

Jakub Horn, Cisco - December 22, 2020
SRv6 ISIS Routing Protocol Interoperability

Jakub Horn demonstrates ISIS interoperability for SRv6.

Jakub Horn, Cisco - August 25, 2020
SRv6 microSID (uSID) Interoperability

Jakub Horn demonstrates SRv6 uSID interoperability.

Jakub Horn, Cisco - February 18, 2020
SRv6 Flexible Algorithm

Jakub Horn demonstrates SRv6 Flexible Algorithm. Flexible Algorithm enables an operator to create network slices mapping to specific transport SLA requirements such as low-delay.

Jakub Horn, Cisco - September 03, 2019
SD-WAN over SR Demonstration

Watch Jose Liste demonstrate Software-Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) over Segment Routing.

Jose Liste, Cisco - March 11, 2019
CO Orchestration using SR-VTS

Demonstration on SP Central Office Fabric Orchestration using Cisco VTS with Segment Routing.

Lim Fung, Cisco - April 18, 2018
SR Data Plane Monitoring Demonstration

Jose Liste demonstrates SR Data Plane Monitoring, a highly scalable monitoring solution providing blackhole detection.

Jose Liste, Cisco - April 10, 2018
SR IGP Flexible Algorithms Demonstration

Watch Jose Liste demonstrates the benefits of newest SRTE building block: SR IGP Flexible Algorithms.

Jose Liste, Cisco - March 06, 2018

Watch Jakub Horn demonstrate the benefits of Tree-SID.

Jakub Horn, Cisco - December 26, 2017
SRv6 VPN and TE on NCS 5500

Watch this demo that showcases the first hardware implementation of SRv6 VPN and TE. The hardware-based forwarding is demonstrated on Cisco NCS 5500 Series.

Jiri Chaloupka, Cisco - May 15, 2017
SRv6 Spray use-case

Watch Jose Liste's demonstration of the SRv6 "spray" multicast use case. Learn how to leverage SRv6 to transport multicast traffic on an IPv6 unicast-only network.

Jose Liste, Cisco - November 09, 2016
SR On-Demand Next Hops (ODN)

Watch Jose Liste's demonstration of SR ODN. Learn how SR enables end-to-end SLA from datacenter to metro to backbone at scale.

Jose Liste, Cisco - November 08, 2016
Topology Independent - Loop Free Alternate (TI-LFA)

Watch Kris Michielsen's demonstration of TI-LFA. TI-LFA provides automated sub-50msec FRR in any topology, along the optimum backup path, against link, node or SRLG failure.

Kris Michielsen, Cisco - November 07, 2016
Microloop Avoidance

Watch Kris Michielsen's demonstration of Microloop Avoidance. Experience first hand how SR eliminates microloops, a day-1 problem of IP networks.

Kris Michielsen, Cisco - November 06, 2016