SONiC PhoenixWing Initiative Kick-Off in Beijing

Launched at the 4th Networking Open Source Tech Conference in Beijing on May 25th 2024, the PhoenixWing Initiative marks a significant step for the SONiC community, with backing from tech giants like Alibaba and Cisco.

The initiative aims to integrate SRv6 features into SONiC platforms, enhancing compatibility and reducing total cost of ownership.

PhoenixWing will contribute to the SONiC 202411 release, focusing on SRv6 deployment readiness and long-term multi-vendor support. This milestone reflects the community’s collaborative spirit and promises to expand SONiC’s applications beyond data centers.

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Endorsement videos

Arpit Joshipura from Linux Foundation, Clarence Filsfils from Cisco, Hasan Siraj from Broadcom, Lihua Yuan from Microsoft and Dennis Cai from Alibaba sent endorsement videos to celebrate the kick-off.

Arpit Joshipura, General Manager at the Linux Foundation

Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow at Cisco Systems

Hasan Siraji, Head of Software Products and Ecosystem at Broadcom

Lihua Yuan, VP of Engineering at Microsoft Azure Networking

Dennis Cai, Sr. Director, Head of Network Infrastructure at Alibaba