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SRv6 Micro-SID Introduction

An introduction to SRv6 Micro-segments / Micro-SIDs (uSIDs). Learn about the benefits of this game-changing extension of the SRv6 network programming concept. See how SRv6 uSIDs provide the perfect integration with IPv6 and SRv6. Learn about the leading and deployed usecases of this technology. Find out how to design, enable and operate a networ...

SRv6 Introduction

An introduction to the SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6 dataplane) technology. Learn about the power of SRv6 network programming concept. Find out how SRv6 provides the ability to code directly into each packet header where the traffic should be sent and how the traffic should be treated. See how SRv6 makes your applications and your network inte...